Message from CEO

I warmly welcome you all to my company, obokash.com Travel Agency. Thank you for spending your valuable time going through my website. I hope that once you go throughout the entire website, you will not return empty handed. In this competitive era of business, competition and trust are inversely related to each other. As competition increases, trust of clients decreases as they tend to be in a dilemma about which company to trust. Therefore, Obokash.com is here to secure your trust with its top-notch service. I love travelling a lot and know the essentials of its services. I have made this company to fulfill all the essentials of travelling.

Obokash.com Travel Agency invites you to try their Umrah packages from Bangladesh to perform your Holy Umrah. With the help of our expert, professional, and religious guide, you will be able to complete your Umrah perfectly as it should to be done. Obokash ensures safe and relax travelling like never before.

Our Cheap Holiday Packages from Bangladesh has won hearts of most travelers, ensuring and securing their trust towards us and making them our permanent loyal customers. Once you are on board with us you have nothing to worry about at all. Of course, this level of confidence would not have been possible without the trust and support of my very experienced team members who have been there for the company throughout. They have taken care of this company as if it were their own and would do anything to make sure that your travel is enjoyable and memorable for life.

I am very proud of my team and company for its wonderful services and also, proud of the fact that our best quality service has won so many hearts and trust of customers who came on-board with us. It is an honor to have touched so many hearts and become a part of their life as well. I thank all my customers and my team for making Obokash a success. Without you all, Obokash would not have been as successful as it is today.  As everyone says “The Sky is the limit,” my vision is to become the best Travel Agency in Bangladesh and one day, I shall spread the wings of Obokash.com throughout the capital and then, throughout the world.

Thank you
Md. Siddikur Rahman Ringku
Founder & CEO, obokash.com